Wine Investment

Why invest in Wine?

Low levels of risk and stable returns

As it has been proven, wine investments are consistently outperforming traditional investments such as stocks/shares and commodities with higher returns. Wine as an investment has traditionally been associated with low levels of risk and stable returns thanks to its unique characteristics as an asset.

Healthy supply and demand characteristics

The handful of Bordeaux and Burgundy estates (which are considered investment grade wines) produce wine in relatively small quantities, which ultimately limits supply every harvest and diminishes as a consequence of consumption. Demand on the other hand, particularly for attractive estates, tends to outstrip supply. This increasing demand from traditional wine consumers such as Europe and the US and increasingly from emerging markets such as the BRICs inflict price pressure over time.

Hedge against other financial securities

It has been proven as an outstanding asset to hedge against other financial securities. Whether your portfolio entails equities, bonds, properties or commodities, a well-diversified portfolio containing fine wine offers maximum risk-adjusted returns.

Tangible asset that improves with age

The other unique characteristic of fine wine as an asset is its quality improvement with age. When these wines reach maturity and approach optimum drinking, they become more desirable and therefore more valuable. Additionally, although most wine investors enjoy high returns on investments, there always remain the possibility of drinking your own stock as the odds are slim that you would have been able to purchase wine at a price as attractive as a wine investment company (while storing it in optimum environment).

Tax Free Investment

Another particular interesting aspect of investing in wine is its tax free status since it is regarded as a wasting asset and thereby doesn’t attract Capital Gains Tax; if you keep the wine in bond, you also avoid paying VAT and Duty. The Capital Gain Tax exemption is for UK residents and will depend on your tax situation so we advise to also speak with your tax lawyer.

Market knowledge

You will hopefully enjoy expanding your wine knowledge and share with your friends your new and exciting investment. You will find all the information of your portfolio on our online investment platform with your member login, market information through our newsletters and additional interesting information on our blog.

Why invest with us?

There are numerous wine investment companies out there, and we appreciate that it is hard to decide on which one to choose, but not many opt to close the gap within the supply chain as much as we do between the producer (chateaux) and end-user (consumer of the wine).

With our internal network and staff, and our relationships in Bordeaux, we aim to buy you the finest wines at the best prices while selling them through our network to the end-users in Asia, North America and Europe at the best price. We continuously work to develop this international network as it represents a very important component within our value proposition.

Our mission is to maximize our clients wealth with constructive bespoke support.

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Investing with us will allow you to build your own portfolio, while benefiting from the following:

Being Flexible

We will propose what portfolio we feel best suits your needs but you will always be able to adjust it according to your own judgment and wine preference.

Discovering the fascinating world of fine wine

Through our market research, newsletters and assistance you will be able to discover or polish your fine wine knowledge.

Receiving marketing advice

In order to help you make better informed decisions we will allocate you at all times a market expert whom you will be able to contact at any times for additional information.

Professional storage

You will be able to benefit from peace of mind while storing your portfolio at our selected warehouse in the UK with full insurance and ultra-high security.

Exclusive events

We will invite you both in London and Bordeaux to a number of events we organise during the year.

Remain in full control

You will at all times have the ability to decide whether to drink your own portfolio or sell it as your stock will always remain under your name when in storage.

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